Hi, my name is Elisa Root. I am an artist living and working in Rochester, New York. I work in several mediums, including clay, oil, acrylics, watercolor, and mixed media. I do sculpture and all kinds of things. I have my own kiln, that my husband and I designed and built, for firing large works.

For me, the thing about art is expressing an emotion, an idea, or a feeling in a visual way. Sometimes it is with clay or cement or wood, and sometimes two dimensionally on paper or canvas. The joy (or challenge) of converting the idea is what art is for me.

My medium of choice is the one that best meets my vision.
I have a downdraft propane car kiln in my studio in Ovid, NY and a painting studio in an old industrial building that was converted into art studios in Rochester, NY. To contact me, open the form below or call 585-383-9026: